Who is the data dude and why is he blogging?

The Data Science Dude (aka. the data dude) is a regular guy living in the cold Nordics in his late twenties. His interest in IT and programming started when he built his first website more than 15 years ago. Since then, he has had an urge to use his programming skills to create something meaningful for the world.

In his professional life he has been working with IT and marketing for years mostly in smaller companies. He has created websites and web applications used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide but mainly focused on B2C products. Now he is working in the crossfield between data analytics, IT and business. For him a perfect combination.

With this blog the data dude tries to give a sneak peak into his world of analytics and IT. He will do his best to be hands-on and pragmatic and give back to the internet what the internet has given him. He has an ambition that this blog will be the most popular reading material for others in the industry.

The Data Dude